Find Out Where Spam is Coming From in Gmail

I hate spam, everyone hates spam. There’s a little trick you can do while signing up to a website. If you do this with every site you sign up to it will make it easier to trace where spam is coming from. Lets say is your email address. By adding a + symbol and the site name like so

By adding the +sitename you can still receive the email just like normal, just in the details section of the email will say the +sitename, making it easy to see where the spam is coming from. You can then use the Filter in Gmail to stop the spam getting into your inbox.

It’s also good if you want to give your email to a client, you can include the job in the address so you can add a Filter easier to keep all the emails together. You can also add . (full stops) anywhere in your email (before the so like will still go to

Posted Via Anything – Facebook Tutorial


I’v had a few requests to update this tutorial, most of the information below can be still used so I’ll just leave it there. Just like before go to the Facebook App Developers page. You’ll notice that it’s a little different from before, in the top right corner click Add New App then select Website.


Here’s the tricky part… Think of an app name and click Create New Facebook App ID once that is done you will be asked to select a Category, I selected Utility, you can choose whatever you think would be relevant. Click Create App ID and next up you’ll be able to see your  app_id=.


Then all you need to do is write the website you want to link the app with and now click Next. At the top of the next page click Skip Quick Start, and theres your app complete. If you’d like to change the image you see for your app click App Details on the left hand side and scroll down until you see the Icons heading and upload your 1024×1024 and 16×16 icons and click Save.


Original Post

Here’s a really simple way to create your own posted via anything app for Facebook. The first thing you need to do is to create a new app on the Facebook App Developers page. Click +Create App in the top right hand corner and a box will appear asking for the App Name. The app name you choose will appear as the posted from device.

Click Continue and fill in the necessary boxes as it says. You don’t need to fill them all in, just the following:


App Info

– App Name

Contact Info

– Contact Email (your email address)

– Privacy Policy URL (you can use your own, or any random site here)

– User Support Email (your email address again)


Under the App Images section change the Icon to whatever you wish to be placed on the posted via part of your status.

After all this is done click Save Changes, then you are ready to post via your chosen device. Copy your App ID from the top of the page and replace the red text from the following URL

Just simply copy and paste this into your address bar with your App ID and write your status. Have fun!



To insert a link/image into your status update or post you need the following variables:

app_id= Your application’s identifier. Required, but automatically specified by most SDKs.

link= The link attached to this post

picture= The URL of a picture attached to this post.

name= The name of the link attachment.

caption=The caption of the link (appears beneath the link name).

description= The description of the link (appears beneath the link caption).

redirect_uri= The URL to redirect to after the user clicks a button on the dialog.


Here’s an example of how to use these basic commands to create a link and image in your custom post via dialogue box.

This is the code that the image above uses.

After every command and your data such as app_id=133422723344980 you will need to add an & symbol at the end for the next command to work. When writing the name, description or anything that requires a space added, such as Posted Via Anything – Facebook Tutorial will need to be written as Posted%20Via%20Anything%20-%20Facebook%20Tutorial as a space is %20

There are more options for more functionality if needed, and more information can be found at the Facebook Developers page.

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Google Plus The Tutorial

Text Formatting

Here’s some text formatting tips for Google Plus.

Bold  *bold*

Italics _Italics_

Strikethrough -Strikethrough-

You can easily combine 2 or more together. A Sentence like this. Will look like *_A Sentence like this_*.


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