PC Button Box

I picked up an Arduino from work and attempted to create a Button Box, and it bloody worked! I found the wiring diagram and code from Kevin Peat’s site. This is a very picture heavy post!

Bought a box, made a layout and got to work with a drill.

The bracket inside was for attaching it to my wheel stand. It came from an Ikea bookcase, its the bracket for attaching it to the wall. #Recycling =P

It’s a bit wonky, but it’ll do!

I started the soldering part by removing every other wire from an IDE cable, so it would leave me only the wires on the same row.

I trimmed the wires I didn’t need. Using an IDE cable gave me something I could hot glue onto inside of the case so I can easily remove the Arduino if it didn’t work/I needed it for another project.

There’s two quarter inch jack sockets on the back for foot pedals, or when I have the time and resources a rally style gear stick =D

And finally! The moment you’ve been waiting for (possibly).

I intend to make a fancier looking one someday, but this was super cheap to make!

Review: Logitech G510s


After unboxing and plugging in the Logitech G510s, it was up and ready to use. I do have the Logitech G502 mouse though, so all the software that was needed is already installed. It lit up, and with a few button presses I was reading the news on the backlit LCD, and there’s also a button to open up the articles in your browser.


The overall build quality is nice, I really like the blue metallic backing. I’m not sure what the coating is, but it seems fingerprint resistant, and there’s a very light rubberised feel where your thumbs rest too. The typing is fairly nice, but I’m not too fond of the space-bar, as it’s sounds and feels much different than the rest of the keyboard. In total you have 54 different macro keys using the 3 separate modes of 18 keys, and the ability to lock the Windows key, so whether you’re a FPS gamer, or a MOBA player, there’s plenty of customising you can do.

+ LCD Screen is very cool
+ Nice materials used
+ RGB back-lighting

Non tiltable LCD
Very large footprint
I personally dislike the font used on the key’s

Maplin – A26LZ